Dec 09

Words Of Wisdom

Who hasn’t heard the term/advice “Let it out” by the time the teen years have hit?

In case you’re an adult in need of letting go a little, here is some reasoning to back up the advice; an article from Dec. 2009 issue of Prevention magazine.

“$%#! Now That Feels Better

Next time you take a spill, don’t hold your tongue. Swearing can increase your tolerance for discomfort, found British researchers. People could keep their hands submergered 35% longer in a tub of icecold water when they repeated an epithet in lieu of a more acceptable word. Swearing may trigger a natural fight-or-flight response, say researchers, prompting a series of physical and hormonal reactions that ease tha sting of an injury. -LG”

Now don’t you feel better?

But seriously, take ALL “research” w/ a grain of salt, but if you feel you have a foul mouth from time to time go ahead & use this “scientific fact” as a reason or defense.

Give health a chance. ;)

Dec 09

Self proclaimed voice of his generation…Kanye West, everybody

Let’s face the facts, Kanye was well deserving of the title Douche before he ever pulled his stunt at the 2009 VMA Awards & has been deserving of ridicule before & since.

Today I came across this gem that just tickled me pink.

Dec 09

Nate’s & my impromptu big lunch out

Please keep in mind, we did this for funsies, we were obviously drinking, & we have no professional tasting experience or preferred tasters vocab. Enjoy & do try for yourself.Also, since Oct.  I’ve heard that 5th St. Aleworks has a better sampler.

Moylan’s Big Beer Sampler, Oct. 10, 2009

  1. Kilt Lifter: velvety w/ a hint of chocolate. A dessert beer.
  2. Pomegranate Wheat: (made from unfiltered wheat) tastes like berries, tastes like a soda.
  3. Unfiltered wheat: super mild taste.
  4. Celts Golden:  mild hop.
  5. Double IPA: very hoppy, disgusting.
  6. Extra Special Bitter: is actually a little sweet.
  7. Dragoons Irish Dry Stout: a little roasted, desserty.
  8. Moylan’s Bitter:  almost no smell,  bitter but no flavor, unlike the extra special bitter.
  9. Hopsicle “Triple IPA”: 6 or 7 effects on the tongue, but none were pleasant.
  10. O’Sullivan’s Imperial Sout(only one ”t”): midnight black, sweet start w/a bitter finish, but doesn’t pinch your tongue.
  11. Featured Cask Ale: flat, a little warm temp. (Physically, not in flavor), a little smooth, a little    bitter, short lived, & not much bite.
  12. Old Blarney Blarneyaine:  sweet start, hop kick, bitter finish.
  13. “Nor Cal” IPA: ok, not too bitter, no that smooth, crisp, midnight black in color, even the bubbles are dark.
  14. Danny’s Irish Red: creamy texture, but literally sticks to the palate.
  15. Features Cask Ale: Earthy, I feel like we should drink it in a forest.
  16. Tipperary Pale Ale: the strongest flavor you can get w/o losing the mildness.
  17. N. Tipperary Pale Ale: (barley wine) good, tasty w/o biting, creamy, and distinctive.
  18. Featured Ale: sweeter than N. Tipperary, but also a little more mild, a good sipping beer.
  19. Featured Ale: (Moylan’s Special Bitter on cask) mild food-like smell, creamy & tart, a little sweet as well.

Dec 09

Distinguished Driver Achievement Certifications

Why are there so many bad drivers? Excluding the stupid and oblivious ones, the obvious answer is because it’s easier and the chances of being caught are slim. When these asshats inevitably create conflict, bad drivers aren’t discouraged by the bird. Odds are when they get it, they give it right back with a shit-faced grin and the gumption to go agitate the next reluctant participant.

flippin the bird

flippin' the bird

On a slightly deeper level, turd-knockers are “rewarded” instantly, where as good drivers have to earn their rewards through time and tolerance. And even then, their rewards amount to little more than lower insurance premiums and a statistically greater chance of not having accidents.

The prime reason for being a good driver, assuming one would otherwise not be, is to lower your required insurance premium. Insurers love this. They award good drivers because it’s a fine marketing point. ‘Our drivers have the lowest premiums out of any other insurer‘, because they deny drivers with too many incidents.
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Dec 09

V8 benchmark suite v5 – my numbers

Google has this benchmark suite thing you’ve probably heard about. Here are my numbers for the browsers I use most often on my machines. First and only run results below:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, 4GB DDR3 1033MHz, Intel 2.4GHz C2D P8600 Linux Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit, 2GB DDR2 800MHz, Intel 2.2GHz C2D T7500
Opera 10.10
Score: 199
Richards: 151
DeltaBlue: 177
Crypto: 126
RayTrace: 338
EarleyBoyer: 622
RegExp: 86.4
Splay: 203
Opera 10.00
Score: 125
Richards: 87.3
DeltaBlue: 103
Crypto: 69.3
RayTrace: 235
EarleyBoyer: 378
RegExp: 62.9
Splay: 137
Firefox 3.5.6
Score: 383
Richards: 1239
DeltaBlue: 106
Crypto: 746
RayTrace: 261
EarleyBoyer: 355
RegExp: 242
Splay: 554
Firefox 3.0.15
Score: 120
Richards: 90.7
DeltaBlue: 92.2
Crypto: 132
RayTrace: 105
EarleyBoyer: 117
RegExp: 129
Splay: 200
IE 8.0.7600.16385
Score: 98.7
Richards: 50.9
DeltaBlue: 56.3
Crypto: 69.6
RayTrace: 102
EarleyBoyer: 170
RegExp: 124
Splay: 213
IE 6 (Windows XP VM)

Richards: 8.7
DeltaBlue: 3.27
Crypto: 6.69
RayTrace: 16.2
EarleyBoyer: 8.64
RegExp: …
Could not get past 89% completed… ran “forever” on RegExp test
Score: 3754
Richards: 3837
DeltaBlue: 3918
Crypto: 3062
RayTrace: 5351
EarleyBoyer: 6212
RegExp: 1066
Splay: 6445
Score: 3455
Richards: 3272
DeltaBlue: 3523
Crypto: 2863
RayTrace: 4938
EarleyBoyer: 6373
RegExp: 1061
Splay: 5335

No doubt Chrome blows these #’s away update – big time confirmed. What company would release a benchmark suite that didn’t favor its own browser? Benchmarks are an engineers marketing.  My hunch is that Safari would fare well on these as well.

Dec 09

Steel Horse in the Urban Countryside

Without the staunch support of my Steel Horse, upon which I rode this and many mornings like it, the trek to work would’ve been hell. Proof in the pudding; I’ve oft twittered my commuting misfortunes on the days I’ve chanced and choose to be imprisoned in my cage (i.e. car, granted, a generally ok incarceration.)

The short and sweet of this tale is that, I save time, money and incur less stress by playing the advanced version of the commuter game. It should really be no wonder that fellow bikers salute one another as it requires drive and courage to get to this level.

'08 V-Strom 650

'08 V-Strom 650

Each morning I ride, I must ensure that I depart early enough to value safety over the en-route time – a moronic concept but a truth nonetheless. It’s a treacherous trip as any (freeway) ride “horse back” is, but with the additional dangers inherent with traffic.

That traffic congestion consists of amass of cages, driven by people who consider the risk and/or the effort to ride too great. Naturally, that established logic rarely, if ever, occurs to that stated majority as I glide oh-so effortlessly past them. I speak of exploiting the “center lane”, that space between cars which is essentially uninhibited by cage congestion. Some admire and many curse the freedom riders in California embrace.

Typical Lane Split

Typical Lane Split

First, the good ones: I am particularly grateful to the cagers who utilize their turn signals. That split second is all but effortless when compared to the tremendous value added by the act. There are also those who shift to the other side of their lane, giving me a bit more space. Though whether it’s out of fear or courtesy is on a case by case basis. In any case, while I appreciate the sentiment, for the most part the move is largely unnecessary.

Occasionally, enough of them will see me and perform this act that I can’t help but feel like a nobleman amongst surfs. Like a King or an honorable knight riding high while the little surfs scurrying from out my path. Like oil floating atop water. Like Moses parting the red sea. Yeah, it can be that sweet.

Red Sea Parting

Red Sea Parting

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Dec 09

Twitter hacked by “Iranian Cyber Army”


Why? Ideological objection to American pop-culture? Sanctioned by Iran officials? (Not likely, and certainly not officially.) Will first-world governments (US?) notice or care? Nah.

Even so, twitter has got a shitload of attention as of late. It’s a rarity to see any commercial/ad-spot that doesn’t divulge a corporate twitter addy at the end of it. This is exactly what happened with myspace when it hit the peak of it’s popularity.

Will twitter fade away into obscurity as myspace certainly has? Perhaps, though probably not. A big difference being that twitter has secured a lot of “biz-trade” deals. Meaning, twitter will stay relevant (longer than MyS) because it is being integrated into well-established structures such as the big Goog. Even if there is no major money exchange, twitter will remain above water.

The lack of a business plan and the fact that they subsist on VC (venture capital) may actually turn out to have been an advantage in acquiring these relationships. In a way, it is more attractive get involved with another business if they don’t really know what they’re doing yet whatever it is, they are popular. Less barriers to change more easy to meld…

But, I digress and do congratulate the “ICA” as Twitter was an excellent target. The only one better would probably be Facebook, but they most certainly have enterprize-grade security in full effect. Judging by Twitter’s track record in tech, I am not surprised. These folk seem like the popular kids, they look pretty and are pretty dumb.

Twitter is a great target to get the attention of young American’s and contemporary culture. Kids will be buzzing about it in school. Stars will notice. And whether we admit it or not, everyone wants to be popular w/the younglings.
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Dec 09

Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka & “Dancing Mad”

Kefka kackles Kefka‘s infamous rise to supremacy was the primary driving force in excelling FFVI’s story to the top of my all time greatest video game stories list. This maniacal villain is much akin to contemporary Batman’s Joker. Becoming the ultimate bringer of chaos, death and destruction is his only true unwavering motivation. But what makes him dynamic is that he is not simply a raving lunatic.

Upon attaining his pinnacle of power, he laments confusion for the very purpose of life, “why do people insist on creating things that will be inevitably destroyed?”  Which simultaneously infers that his power to obliterate will eternally triumph.  His phenomenal insanity is but one reason this demented clown consistently appears in top villain charts.

His final battle theme, Dancing Mad, is another.  This four movement composition, written by Nobuo Uematsu, is a work of unequivocal genius.  Each movement represents a different aspect of Kefka and exhumes more on FFVI’s deep storyline.  What has been said in dialog and actions performed by the characters is echoed and elaborated in song.  It is what all ending themes should strive for, a conclusion that summarizes from beginning to end and building towards the momentous climax.

A critical analysis of Dancing Mad, movement by movement, been written by a Destructoid community member.  He and I share a fondness of classical music from a young age, which is no doubt a prime reason for my reverence of this game.  His article, the music and the beast that was Kefka, were inspirations for this post.

Judge not based on the lack of depth of the instruments, these were 16-bit days after all. Though, if you really can’t get over that, there are orchestral versions out there. Personally, the originals strike a truly nostalgic chord.

Updated 2013-11-12 to fix links!

Dec 09

We are but simple creatures with like minds

First I read this: Abstraction

Then I immediately think, “Yeah, I want to see that too.”  And go over to YouTube for this:

And then see this:


Just how many other people did exactly what I did?
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Dec 09

Ensure privacy of your data by encrypting public email service


first, set up a secure-mail domain email server that upon mail receipt, applied (subscriber specified key) encryption, to the message contents and then forward that encrypted message along to whatever web mail service that subscriber wants to, or is already, use (and is supported) – – such as gmail, y-mail, hotmail.  key point being, be the first leg in the journey & to secure the contents of the message before sending onto the public email service.

second, develop a browser plug-in that utilizes “screen-scraping” and decrypts secure-mail messages using the user’s private key (PGP perhaps).  the plug-in could display the decrypted message contents on the fly without sending any data back to the storing server.

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