Jul 11

Ze Frank is…

Inspirational, spontaneous, hilarious, insightful, and has helped make the world a more relatable place. He’s the kind of person I’ve always wanted to be more like. An intellectual without the arrogance; the wit to disarm naysayers; the will to execute ideas that are less than perfect. He’s always doing something interesting though I usually only catch it when it bubbles up through the thick filter layer atop my everyday “stuff” stream.

Ze is revisiting his show, “The Show”, likely because it epitomized a time of great change for him and pretty much made him famous. Though odds are, he’d have attained said fame one way or another. Of “Brain Crack” an episode from July 11 ’06. He elaborates on the concept articulated in song form. Tho, apparently the prolific use of fuck turned people off, which actually surprised me. One of my favorite bits, which I wish upon myself to seriously take to heart:

Execute as quickly and faithfully as possible. What I like about this is the quickly and faithfully pull in opposite directions. The first reminds you to act without delay and the second tells you to try not to cut corners.

When I started the show I decided to put this into practice as much as I could. I tried not to leave concepts in my back pocket for future shows, but rather to get them out on the day I thought of them. This what I meant when I said I leave in mortal fear that I have run out of ideas. Because I did. Each day. It never really got easier from an emotional standpoint. It was always terrifying. But I did develop a voice inside of me that could yell over top the terror and tell me to stay the course. You can sort of see this process at work in a lot of episodes. Many ideas, lots of them could have been ridden longer to stretch time or for diminishing returns in laughter or thought, but instead they are pushed off by the next few in line.”

I was an avid The Show watcher, unfortunately I didn’t write much about it. Thanks again, Ze, for having and continuing to be brain crack.