Jan 10

The Last Story’s not so subtle similarities

the last story logo

The Last Story is a new RPG for the Wii by Mistwalker studio, which is headed by the very fellow who created the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi.  So let’s take a cursory look at the new game:

Last = Final.  Story ≈ Fantasy. Any monkey with a thesaurus could come up with that. And as you can see, the logos are also rather similar, almost formulaic.


Additionally, rumor has it that the famous Nobuo Uematsu, who composed so many Final Fantasy games – including FFVI & the amazing Dancing Mad piece – is composing the soundtrack.  This comes as no surprise however, as he’s worked with the studio on previous titles.

One such is Lost Odyssey for the XBOX360 and just so happens to be the game I am currently entrenched in.

Will Square-Enix (or squeenix) extend its muscley legal arm towards this potentially IP infringing new game (series)?

Jan 10

Apple’s new shit, the iPad

Apple has officially become predictable and trite.  Their newest product was unveiled today, by the big Apple ego, Jobs.  It is a super-sized iPhone/iPod.

big iPod

big iPod

It can’t play Flash, is tied to Apple’s various stores, intended for AT&T’s network, can’t <acronym title=”Meaning: only one application may run at any one time”>multi-task</acronym>, and its design is utterly and completely devoid of originality.  It is a “giant” [~10″] iPod touch with 3G [certain models only].  Thankfully MadTV already made fun of the name, which also screams of routine.

I’d love to see this product flop, but I hold no such delusions.  Apple’s golden age is in full effect.  Their shit is gold to a vast array of much-disposable-income consumers.  It will sell and probably pretty well.  Fact is, there isn’t anything quite like it.

My biggest complaint is that there are zero surprises.  None of that unique innovation that got Apple where it is today, is evident in this “new” device.  Do not pass go, but somehow collect $200 million dollars.  We know you’ll find a way.

Dec 09

Twitter hacked by “Iranian Cyber Army”


Why? Ideological objection to American pop-culture? Sanctioned by Iran officials? (Not likely, and certainly not officially.) Will first-world governments (US?) notice or care? Nah.

Even so, twitter has got a shitload of attention as of late. It’s a rarity to see any commercial/ad-spot that doesn’t divulge a corporate twitter addy at the end of it. This is exactly what happened with myspace when it hit the peak of it’s popularity.

Will twitter fade away into obscurity as myspace certainly has? Perhaps, though probably not. A big difference being that twitter has secured a lot of “biz-trade” deals. Meaning, twitter will stay relevant (longer than MyS) because it is being integrated into well-established structures such as the big Goog. Even if there is no major money exchange, twitter will remain above water.

The lack of a business plan and the fact that they subsist on VC (venture capital) may actually turn out to have been an advantage in acquiring these relationships. In a way, it is more attractive get involved with another business if they don’t really know what they’re doing yet whatever it is, they are popular. Less barriers to change more easy to meld…

But, I digress and do congratulate the “ICA” as Twitter was an excellent target. The only one better would probably be Facebook, but they most certainly have enterprize-grade security in full effect. Judging by Twitter’s track record in tech, I am not surprised. These folk seem like the popular kids, they look pretty and are pretty dumb.

Twitter is a great target to get the attention of young American’s and contemporary culture. Kids will be buzzing about it in school. Stars will notice. And whether we admit it or not, everyone wants to be popular w/the younglings.
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