Words Of Wisdom

Who hasn’t heard the term/advice “Let it out” by the time the teen years have hit?

In case you’re an adult in need of letting go a little, here is some reasoning to back up the advice; an article from Dec. 2009 issue of Prevention magazine.

“$%#! Now That Feels Better

Next time you take a spill, don’t hold your tongue. Swearing can increase your tolerance for discomfort, found British researchers. People could keep their hands submergered 35% longer in a tub of icecold water when they repeated an epithet in lieu of a more acceptable word. Swearing may trigger a natural fight-or-flight response, say researchers, prompting a series of physical and hormonal reactions that ease tha sting of an injury. -LG”

Now don’t you feel better?

But seriously, take ALL “research” w/ a grain of salt, but if you feel you have a foul mouth from time to time go ahead & use this “scientific fact” as a reason or defense.

Give health a chance. ;)


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