Nate’s & my impromptu big lunch out

Please keep in mind, we did this for funsies, we were obviously drinking, & we have no professional tasting experience or preferred tasters vocab. Enjoy & do try for yourself.Also, since Oct.  I’ve heard that 5th St. Aleworks has a better sampler.

Moylan’s Big Beer Sampler, Oct. 10, 2009

  1. Kilt Lifter: velvety w/ a hint of chocolate. A dessert beer.
  2. Pomegranate Wheat: (made from unfiltered wheat) tastes like berries, tastes like a soda.
  3. Unfiltered wheat: super mild taste.
  4. Celts Golden:  mild hop.
  5. Double IPA: very hoppy, disgusting.
  6. Extra Special Bitter: is actually a little sweet.
  7. Dragoons Irish Dry Stout: a little roasted, desserty.
  8. Moylan’s Bitter:  almost no smell,  bitter but no flavor, unlike the extra special bitter.
  9. Hopsicle “Triple IPA”: 6 or 7 effects on the tongue, but none were pleasant.
  10. O’Sullivan’s Imperial Sout(only one ”t”): midnight black, sweet start w/a bitter finish, but doesn’t pinch your tongue.
  11. Featured Cask Ale: flat, a little warm temp. (Physically, not in flavor), a little smooth, a little    bitter, short lived, & not much bite.
  12. Old Blarney Blarneyaine:  sweet start, hop kick, bitter finish.
  13. “Nor Cal” IPA: ok, not too bitter, no that smooth, crisp, midnight black in color, even the bubbles are dark.
  14. Danny’s Irish Red: creamy texture, but literally sticks to the palate.
  15. Features Cask Ale: Earthy, I feel like we should drink it in a forest.
  16. Tipperary Pale Ale: the strongest flavor you can get w/o losing the mildness.
  17. N. Tipperary Pale Ale: (barley wine) good, tasty w/o biting, creamy, and distinctive.
  18. Featured Ale: sweeter than N. Tipperary, but also a little more mild, a good sipping beer.
  19. Featured Ale: (Moylan’s Special Bitter on cask) mild food-like smell, creamy & tart, a little sweet as well.

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