Feb 11

The Billboards are Alive, Judging and Profiling You

These billboards, in malls and other large public places, will chat at you with dynamically selected advertisements most relevant to “you”. How? Based on a new “smart” camera tech NEC has developed to make an advertiser’s wet dream come true.

The billboard can make instant assumptions about the buying tendencies of passer-byers based on physical characteristics such as body build, gender and age. It could easily and might make racial profiling assumptions as well though the ramifications of such would be heralded by civil rights activists.

It could get interesting: by monitoring and tracking which stores you enter and what you come out with, depending on what you do or don’t buy, ad hoc discounts or bonuses could instantly be offered. An omni-present intelligence inventing ways on the fly to encourage patrons to dump more money.

It’s happening, just like in the Minority Report

While rather different technology than acute audience targeting on the internet, it has a similar gut privacy wrenching reaction.