Dec 09

Nate’s & my impromptu big lunch out

Please keep in mind, we did this for funsies, we were obviously drinking, & we have no professional tasting experience or preferred tasters vocab. Enjoy & do try for yourself.Also, since Oct.  I’ve heard that 5th St. Aleworks has a better sampler.

Moylan’s Big Beer Sampler, Oct. 10, 2009

  1. Kilt Lifter: velvety w/ a hint of chocolate. A dessert beer.
  2. Pomegranate Wheat: (made from unfiltered wheat) tastes like berries, tastes like a soda.
  3. Unfiltered wheat: super mild taste.
  4. Celts Golden:  mild hop.
  5. Double IPA: very hoppy, disgusting.
  6. Extra Special Bitter: is actually a little sweet.
  7. Dragoons Irish Dry Stout: a little roasted, desserty.
  8. Moylan’s Bitter:  almost no smell,  bitter but no flavor, unlike the extra special bitter.
  9. Hopsicle “Triple IPA”: 6 or 7 effects on the tongue, but none were pleasant.
  10. O’Sullivan’s Imperial Sout(only one ”t”): midnight black, sweet start w/a bitter finish, but doesn’t pinch your tongue.
  11. Featured Cask Ale: flat, a little warm temp. (Physically, not in flavor), a little smooth, a little    bitter, short lived, & not much bite.
  12. Old Blarney Blarneyaine:  sweet start, hop kick, bitter finish.
  13. “Nor Cal” IPA: ok, not too bitter, no that smooth, crisp, midnight black in color, even the bubbles are dark.
  14. Danny’s Irish Red: creamy texture, but literally sticks to the palate.
  15. Features Cask Ale: Earthy, I feel like we should drink it in a forest.
  16. Tipperary Pale Ale: the strongest flavor you can get w/o losing the mildness.
  17. N. Tipperary Pale Ale: (barley wine) good, tasty w/o biting, creamy, and distinctive.
  18. Featured Ale: sweeter than N. Tipperary, but also a little more mild, a good sipping beer.
  19. Featured Ale: (Moylan’s Special Bitter on cask) mild food-like smell, creamy & tart, a little sweet as well.

Dec 09

Ensure privacy of your data by encrypting public email service


first, set up a secure-mail domain email server that upon mail receipt, applied (subscriber specified key) encryption, to the message contents and then forward that encrypted message along to whatever web mail service that subscriber wants to, or is already, use (and is supported) – – such as gmail, y-mail, hotmail.  key point being, be the first leg in the journey & to secure the contents of the message before sending onto the public email service.

second, develop a browser plug-in that utilizes “screen-scraping” and decrypts secure-mail messages using the user’s private key (PGP perhaps).  the plug-in could display the decrypted message contents on the fly without sending any data back to the storing server.

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