Jun 10

Take a break .. take a break .. take a break …

If you’re a white-collar, soft hands clean clothes information-worker, you sit on your ass day in and day out and probably, at night too.  Using the computer is your work and play.  By now, you probably have decent desk ergonomics and understand the importance of them.  Carpul-tunnel and RSI are real, no matter who you are. 

Hell, I bet you’ve had some strange aching pains in your shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and or hands at some point.  An early warning of what could come and enough to motivate you to make some positive, preventative changes. Let’s assess the basic ergonomics of a healthy desk:

  • Screen is at arms length from your face and at eye level.
  • Keyboard is parallel or slightly lower than where your arms rest on the desk. Your wrists should not be higher than your elbows.
  • Mouse easily accessible, moves effortlessly, requiring little to no movement of your arm.
  • You’re sitting up straight.  Shoulders back and not hunched over.  If it hurts, you probably need a better chair – get one with good lumbar support. Or, baring the new chair option, one of these inflatable cushions.
  • Feet flat on the ground or better yet, on a foot rest that promotes upright sitting (not slouching!).
  • Check this out for illustrations of an ideal workspace configuration.

Now, on to the meat of the meal: taking breaks.  
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Mar 10

The Trouble with Couches

While I may not always like it, Sarah’s got it right.  What feels natural to her isn’t to me.  She rarely sits on the couch; her relaxing is more full body – laying on her side, extending her legs as straight as space permits.  That space is often shared by me, who over time, ends up sitting in a slumped and soggy way usually with her legs across my lap.

I guess I’d gotten use to feeling a little stiff after a long sitting session.  But now that we’ve started Chiropractic care, we’re thinking more about our habits.  Our Doc has alluded that couches are bad and “what are you going to do about it?”  It’s a bit of a sticky issue because we aren’t about to give up the time we spend together on the big purple couch.

Not Actually Our Couch but Close

We, like so many people around the world, watch TV.  Whether new shows new movies or reruns of either, we typically spend a few hours each day together on that cushy living room center piece.  Hell, I consider us less users than some of our couple-friends whose entire relationships are built upon watching the boob-toob together.

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Jan 10

Fallen Frank

When I first laid eyes on Frank, he was head down, on his hands and knees in the muddy grass. An adorable hound dog puppy bounded around him. He appeared to be looking for something. Thinking nothing of it, I prepared to jog past but as I approached, he called out to me.

Frank had slipped on the mud when the pup pulled him in an unforeseen direction. He’d fallen and was unable to get up.

Frank and his wife Julie have lived just on the outskirts of Casa Grande High (CGH) for over 40 years. He, his son and his grandson graduated from CGH and his grand daughter is on her way. When he finds out where I went to high school, he asks pointedly, “then what are you doing here?”

I don’t take offense because I understand well the historical rivalry between Petaluma High and Casa Grande. I grew up on the West side, and now I live on the East. One town, two high schools, no doubt a Classic American story. How could I betray my district?! Rather easily in fact, I never gave a shit.

I simply state that I like it here, as I grab hold of Frank’s arms to help him get up.  I maintain a somewhat reserved distance as he is a stranger. I lift, hard, only to find he really can’t help and to no avail as he goes back down. He says he weighs 220, oh, no, 210 now, and he’s too heavy for me to lift up. We negotiate that maybe, if he could make it to the fence, he could use it as a hand hold while I lift him. Frank then says, that he has leukemia, “…it’s a blood disease.  My fuckin’ arms are dead, there’s no strength left.”

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Dec 09

Words Of Wisdom

Who hasn’t heard the term/advice “Let it out” by the time the teen years have hit?

In case you’re an adult in need of letting go a little, here is some reasoning to back up the advice; an article from Dec. 2009 issue of Prevention magazine.

“$%#! Now That Feels Better

Next time you take a spill, don’t hold your tongue. Swearing can increase your tolerance for discomfort, found British researchers. People could keep their hands submergered 35% longer in a tub of icecold water when they repeated an epithet in lieu of a more acceptable word. Swearing may trigger a natural fight-or-flight response, say researchers, prompting a series of physical and hormonal reactions that ease tha sting of an injury. -LG”

Now don’t you feel better?

But seriously, take ALL “research” w/ a grain of salt, but if you feel you have a foul mouth from time to time go ahead & use this “scientific fact” as a reason or defense.

Give health a chance. ;)