Introducing the Countdown Timer gadget

The Countdown timer gadget was created as a learning project and because I needed something to remind me to take breaks throughout the day. I wanted something that had a tiny footprint both in appearance and function, similar to the gnome-timer applet (for Linux desktops).

5 minute countdown underway

The concept is very basic – countdown from a preset time (in minutes) and alert when time is up. This gadget is more akin to a kitchen timer than a countdown-until-my-birthday type timer. However, the gadget will happily countdown 135971947923 minutes in case that amount of time happens to be of value to you.

the settings dialog box

As with any quality gadget or applet, this one is configurable. The Custom Countdown setting (in minutes), if set, will override the default of 30 minutes and any Preset Timers selection (also in minutes). Lastly, the Number of Alarm Sounds option defines how many times the audible alarm will sound when time is up. Putting a 0 in this option field disables it.

The Countdown Timer gadget was designed to work with Windows 7 but there should be no problem running it in Vista. I’ve committed the code to my github account where you can follow along for nitty gritty details.

Download it now

See the included README for installation instructions and additional info. Post questions and comments to this entry and I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Last Updated: July 1st, 2010

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  2. Thanks for this simple and nice timer…this was exactly what I was looking for!

  3. I have been looking – and looking – for something this elegant and simple for MONTHS. So are a lot of other people. You should be selling this app. Thank you so much, can’t tell you how useful this is.

  4. The fact that I have helped you is thanks enough (rather than $ that is!)

    If there are features you would like to see, leave a request comment here, and I’ll see what I can do.

  5. This is a great timer. Any chance it could blink if the number of alarm sounds is set to 0? It’s mostly what i was looking for and that would make it perfect.

  6. @Mirawolf – Good idea, I’ll try to get to adding it soon.

  7. Nice! These useful little things are hard to come by but this is exactly what I’m after.


  8. Nice to find a functional, minimalistic gadget that does what it supposed to do. And, does it well!

    Feature suggestion: A way to set the timer by using the mouse wheel to increase / decrease custom time by minutes? It’s probably not necessary. I’m just lazy.

    Thanks for the App!

  9. perfect

  10. hey, i would like to have days countdown here… :) how would that be possible

  11. Thank you so much! I was looking for something like this since I picked up cooking as a hobby lately. This will certainly come in handy! :)

  12. dood! thats the best out there from looks and simplicity!!! congrats at being awesome

  13. Thank you so much for this gadget, exactly what i was looking for :)

  14. Any chance of adding an option to ‘loop’ a countdown ? would make it almost perfect! – cant make coffee.. so not totally perfect!

  15. Oh and seeing seconds would be somewhat cool as well

  16. Thank you, just what I was looking for, clean and simple – perfect!

  17. Tony Dang

    is there anyway you can make an option to make the clock bigger? My screen resolution is 1680:1050 so the timer is really small. Thank you so much for the simple countdown timer.

  18. thx alot!! just wht im looking for

  19. do you have a timer with min:sec ?

  20. Thanks! I love this tool! Glad I could find it again after I had to clean install my OS. Awesome!

  21. Thank a lot.

  22. Perfect, just what I was looking for!

  23. Thanks much. Works great and does what I need. All I was finding was long-term timers but I only needed 30sec to 1min. Thanks again.

  24. Really great effort, a magnificent little application and a great website I have enjoyed visiting as well. Well done!

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