“…unintended consequence with desirable results.”

Came across this fun lil’ tid-bit of info. via Via magazine. It seems dangerous to have the gas tank in certain areas of the car like the right front fender in the Porsche 911 or under the driver’s seat (or any seat for that matter) like in the Honda Fit. The Honda Fit’s design is new so I’m not sure what they’re thinking. The Porsche, I understand has become traditional placement, but come on, I hope the safety stats support the Fit’s design.

A couple of notorious car models are the 1960 something Ford Mustang with it’s “exploding” gas tank in the rear of the car and the Ford Pinto with the similar if not the same tank design. Side note: I was unaware of the Pinto being one of Ford’s vehicles. However, I love the idea of BMW’s counter balance of the driver’s weight as long as it remains safe.

Front, mid, & back they seem to  all have a sense of err in safety. I’m not a car gal or a mechanical engineer so please take my opinions with a grain of salt. But, I do know that the concept of  “unintended consequence with desirable results” is rather intriguing. I’m going to chew on that notion for a while.

Anyway, differences are good, they keep us entertained, even small ones such as this.  Some of us are more easily amused than others, however, regardless of genuine interest I’m guessing this is answering a few peoples’ question of gas tank placement.

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